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It is not easy to adjust to life in a foreign country, negotiate with a new culture, connect with people, and cope with homesickness. Some expats, especially those that are here because of a spouse's job, feel isolated and even intimidated by the change. Many struggle with adjustment both for themselves and their families as they are confronted with wide-reaching change and a greatly reduced social support system.

Therapy is one environment in which expressing yourself in a foreign language, no matter how fluently spoken, becomes problematic. Discussing emotions and "letting go" is always easier in one's native tongue. Expats may therefore be reluctant to seek out an Italian therapist because of the linguistic and cultural barrier.

I am a licensed clinical psychologist both in the United States, the UK and  Italy.  As a bilingual, bicultural psychotherapist, I offer individual, couples, family and group therapy/support/consultation to English speakers Whether you have a specific mental health concern or are just seeking guidance as you navigate new territory, you will find a friendly, linguistically and culturally familiar environment in my professional practice. Contact me for more information using the form on the right.

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